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The Secret Behind 'Magnetic Charisma'

Who's Behind The Brand. And Why You Should Listen To Us.

The person and character behind all of this, behind the Youtubechannel, behind the Facebookpage, behind the newsletter, behind products like "The Enfrozed Man" and "Beaver Magnet" is Jonas Alexander.

The 'Magnetic Charisma idea' was born in early 2010, right at the time when Jonas was about to write his German High School leaving examinations.

First it was only a name. And it wasn't "Magnetic Charisma" at all. It was "Charisma Explosion".

But after a short period of time, not only the name changed to 'Magnetic Charisma'... the whole intention behind it changed. And with it, the content.

How can you really realize your dreams?

How can you become a rolemodel that is respected by many people?

How is it possible to not only lead your (potential) girl- or boyfriend... but whole groups?

How can you speak with your audience in a highly charismatic way and pull their whole attention... to YOU in a way as if the are under a charme?

How can you create your life in freedom, in such  a creative way as YOU like it?

5 years are gone since Magnetic Charisma was born and since Jonas biggest wish was to live and do his business in Asia

There are already plans on the table to organize some small and secret seminars and workshops in the gulf of Thailand (ore details on request).

You can contact Jonas via his social media profiles provided below (Facebook is your best option) or via mail at jonas.alexander [at] magnetic-charisma.de.

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Jonas Alexander


My name is Jonas Alexander and I am driven by the vision to provide simple and easy to follow help, tips and proven strategies... which will allow you to get closer to your own heart and to learn the respectful seduction game between man and women and to live relationships full of respect, joy and integrity.

I hope from deepest point in my heart to fulfill  this vision with real honesty and in a way that you can take the most out of it for you.

I left the western world when I was 22 and since then I am living in the Asian realms... in the old west of 'famosa' island now; learning mandarin Chinese and a whole lot about eastern society and culture.

Due to this reason some guys know me as "Mr. Asia"

Originally I was born and raised in German, but in the past 2 years I traveled the world and worked and lived in Ausralia, Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, Lao and Indonesia (Bali, Lombok, Java) and since then I am living as a kind of digital nomad or business traveler in the tropical hemisphere of the world (I get a cold by degrees below 27!)

In my time in Asia I discovered especially the differences in the seduction game between Western and Eastern society and culture and tried to answer the question "Why are so many western men attracted to Asian women?"

On Magnetic Charisma you will hopefully find lots of answers and helpful informations (in our blogposts, YouTube videos and here and there in our podcasts and newsletters).

If you have any questions, feel free to write me an email at jonas.alexander [at] magnetic-charisma.com.


    Our Mission

    You know... sometimes it's making me sad, if I see how so many people are living such a boring, grey and cold life as a square... in which the biggest change is the daily weather.

    Just as little it's fun for me, walking through the streets of Europe and only looking into empty, half-dead faces of people who are only going to work because they "have to".

    No matter wether their status is "employed" or wether they manage the company; wether they are just salespeople or freelancer.

    This was not the only reason why I left Europe in 2013 for almost 2 years and lived my daily life in South East Asia, where I've had people around me who where poor as hell, but smiling like heaven.

    And exactly THIS is how you attract healthy the "right" people at the right time into your life.

    If the only thing you're showing the people around you is your depression, then you depress with that the people around you. And they will mirror it exactly back o you. Or your anger. Or your loneliness. Or your sadness. Or your lazyness.

    THIS is why your are here.

    To step out of the darkness and letting your heart burn and shine again.

    To polarize the people around your to magnetize them.

    To let the sparks sparkling and the flow of adventure and life flow (again). And to accomplish that, we will show you ways, that are apart from the commonly used ones. Apart from what "everyone" is believing in what's the "right" way to follow.

    So that while everyone is stuck in their traffic jam, we will show you adventure- and colorfull ways to not only get out of it, but to discover and fulfill your dreams a the same time.

    Even if these "shortcuts" sometime are looking like the longer way in your own eyes than the way through the traffic jam of the masses.

    In the end that's only somekind of hypnotic time distortion, where in the end it's totally normal for you that now you have "skill X" or reached "target Y" by passing by. It was a part of plan from the beginning, right?

    Fact Number One: Now you are here.

    Fact Number Two: You are interested into seduction.

    Even if only the word seduction sounds evil and political incorrect.

    In the end it's only the natural game between two people. Between hot and cold. Between plus and minus. Between north and south. East and West. Black and White. Closeness and distance or "fire and water" as the German hardrock ban Rammstein is singing in their famous song "Feuer und Wasser".

    I'm glad to inspire you and make you happy with words coming from the deepest spots in my heart.

    Yours sincerly,

    Jonas Alexander

    Director at Magnetic Charisma Ltd.